Astrology Introduction

Astrology dates back thousands of years ago to ancient cultures.
It is the study of the stars as to how they relate to our personalities and life path.  In our natal chart, it divides in the sky into 12 houses.
Each house rules a particular area of life. For example, the 1st house
rules our physical appearance and temperament.  Each house
also contains a ruling planet or two and constellations. As the planets
and constellations move about in the twelve houses, they modify the
quality of energies of each house. For example, if you have Venus in the first house,  you are a likeable, magnetic, attractive, and charming person whose heart is often on your sleeve. Here is a short synopsis
of the 12 houses and their natural ruling signs (when signs are in the correct house, its natural qualities are expressed.)

1st house and Aries: The house of your personality and appearance.
2nd house and Taurus: The house of  possessions.
3rd house and Gemini: The house of communication.
4th house and Cancer: The house of family.
5th house and Leo: The house of creativity.
6th house and Virgo: The house of service.
7th house and Libra: The house of marriage.
8th house and Scorpio: The house of sex and death.
9th house and Sagittarius:  The house of philosophical views.
10th house and Capricorn: The house of social status and reputation.
11th house and Aquarius: The house of humanitarian interests and friendships.
12th house and Pisces: The house of the subconscious.

These are quality of energy for each planet:
Sun: Vital Energy
Moon : Feelings
Mercury: Thoughts
Venus: Love
Mars: Desire
Jupiter: Faith
Saturn: Boundaries
Uranus: Breakthrough:
Neptune: Dreams
Pluto: Transformation

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Introduction to Astrology